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Essential Bike Maintenanceصيانة الدراجة الأساسية15.000
First Time Service Discounted 50%الخدمة لأول مرة مخفضة%٥٠7.500
Wheel Truing – Frontدراجة موازنة العجلات الأمامية4.000
Wheel Truing – Rearدراجة الخلفي عجلة موازنة5.000
Wheel Truing – Front Tubeless Tireموازنة العجلات الأمامية (بدون أنبوب)5.000
Wheel Truing – Rear Tubeless Tireموازنة العجلات الخلفية (بدون أنبوب)6.000
Front Hub Cleaning and Repackingالجبهة المحور التنظيف وإعادة الشحوم4.000
Rear Hub Cleaning and Repackingالمحور الخلفي تنظيف وإعادة الشحوم5.000
Bottom Bracket Cleaning and Repackingقوس أسفل التنظيف وإعادة الشحوم6.000
Dirty Bike Pre-Service Washغسل الدراجة قبل القذرة5.000
Front Derailleur Adjustmentموازن المغير الأمامي5.000
Rear Derailleur Adjustmentالمغير الخلفي والعتاد موازنة4.000
Bike Painting Single Colourلوحة من دراجة لون واحد فقط25.000
Bike Painting 2 Coloursاللوحة من دراجة لونين30.000
Bike Painting 3 Coloursاللوحة من دراجة ثلاثة الألوان35.000
Bike Assembly New in Boxالدراجة التجمع الجديد في المربع7.500
Bike Assembly after travel disassemblyالجمعية الدراجة بعد التفكيك السفر10.000
Bike Buildup Assemblyبناء الدراجة تجميع15.000
Customer’s Tube Installتثبيت أنبوب العملاء0.500
Tubeless Tire Setupوضع الاطارات دون أنبوب2.000


  1. NO SERVICE WITHOUT APPOINTMENT. If you do not have an appointment, we reserve the right to refuse to take in your bike for service due to prior bookings or due to prior work plans.
  2. We service and repair all brands of bicycles. But IF YOU WANT YOUR BIKE BACK VERY FAST, you need to stock unique parts needed for servicing your bike in Oman. Things that are not readily available in surrounding areas. Especially derailleur hangers! Make sure you stock one for your bike because sooner or later you will need it. IF you have 27.5″ or 29″ or 26×4″ tires, make sure you have tubes for them. We generally carry some stock. Please call to confirm if you want your bike fixed ASAP.
  3. SERVICE CHARGE OF RO 5.000 added to dirty bikes. If you would like us to work on your bike and fix a flat or tune your bike gears etc., PLEASE make sure you bring in a clean bike. This will speed up the work process. If not, we will FIRST spend time to clean the bike so that we can work on it. Therefore a service charge of RO 5.000 will be added to the total cost.



WE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE THAT WE ARE NOT A BICYCLE STORAGE FACILITY. As such we have limited space and we wish to keep space available for use by other customers as well.
If you have left a bike at the store (yours or anybody else’s) for any kind of service or fix, you MUST pick it up within 24 hours of being notified that your bike is ready. IF NOT, we will charge a storage fee of RO 3.000 per day AND after 30 days we will put the bicycle outside our store for sale at the accrued storage fee amount or less.