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    RACEWORK Gold MTB Road Bicycle Full Hollow Ultralight Chain

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    X11SL 11 Speed 116L Bike Chain RACEWORK MTB Road Bicycle Full Hollow Ultralight Chain 247g With Magic Buckle


    1/2 x 11/128 inch with 116 links at 247 grams. Double x Bridge shape for Superfast and smooth shifting. Double x durability for up to 10% more durability than previous Models and x 2.0 design. Full nickel plated with high rigidity, highest pin power and Hollow inner plates and fits campy, Shimano and SRAM. Hollow outer plates, inner plane chamfering and 27% more mud shedding and is non-directional Titanium Nitride Coating Technology Great for Mountain or Road Bike Use

    If you’re building up your new dream machine to run on any of RACEWORK new 11-speed drivetrains, don’t just scrounge up a chain from your garage to throw on your bike. Make sure your shifting stays smooth and precise within your new, wider gear range with the RACEWORK X11SL 11 Chain, developed specifically for RACEWORK’s new 11-speed drivetrains. In addition to being burly enough to handle more acute angles from bigger 11-speed cassettes and chainrings, the X11SL is impressively light, with hollow link pins and a lean, narrowed shape, and it comes with RACEWORK’s PowerLube grease to keep things running smoothly for miles.RACEWORK keeps installation pretty straightforward with the X11SL, including a strong, durable PowerLock connecting link that you can set up tool-free. Please note that installing the PowerLock link tool-free can only be done once, so if you end up having to break a chain later on for maintenance, you’ll need to grab an entirely new PowerLock link before you can set your chain back up.

    Width & Length: ½”x11/128”
    Links: 116 Links
    Weight: 247 grams


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