Cylion Bicycle Chain Lubricant Lube Oil 60ml CLB002



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Cylion Bicycle Chain Lubricant Lube Oil 60ml CLB002

Basic Product Notes:

  • Chain lubricant is a piece of basic equipment for riding a bike. Whether one man loves and understands his bike or not depends on the smoothness of the bike chain. You, the man who loves his bike, need a bottle of lubricants.
  • The ergonomic and thoughtful patented reel design makes oiling more convenient and well-placed.
  • The exquisite box-style package is convenient to store. And the configurated super-thin fiber towel makes it more convenient to clean pinion.
  • This product is a bottle of special lubricants for sports-type bike drive systems like chains, bearing, and flywheels.
  • It adopts international advanced technology and is developed by experts of this line elaborately.
  • This product can significantly improve the mechanical properties of your Bike with lubrication, abrasion resistance, anti-rust property, dust tightness, high-temperature resistance, and other effects.
  • Even under high load conditions, there is still a good protection effect. The contained imported raw materials and nano additives are all environment-friendly materials.
  • Furthermore, the brand new patented design makes oiling more efficient and more economical.


The new and improved CYLION Dry Lube is a specialized lubricant used in high-end bicycle chains, transmission gears, and other drivetrain components. DuPont Teflon and other special additives combine to give superior protection against mechanical wear, dust, and unwanted noise. Even in rough road conditions and bad weather, the long-lasting performance of CYLION Dry Lube will give you a smooth and worry-free ride. The exclusive patented bottle cap design also ensures effective and waste-free lubricant application.


  • Brand: CYLION

  • Product name: Teflon Chain Lube For Bicycle Drive Systems

  •  Material: High-end imported environmental lubricants

  • Capacity: 60 ml /2 oz

  •  Package: OPP

Package Included:

  • 1 X Mountain Bike Chain Lubricant 60ml
    1 X Cleaning Cloth

[Patent No.]: ZL 2011 00153641.2

Important Notice:The product is very volatile. The cap must be used and tightened between uses and the pinion pressed down tight. For best results, this product must be applied at the lowest temperatures of the day (early morning or late evening)

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