Essential Bike Maintenance – Service

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Essential Bike Maintenance – Service


SERVICE IS FOR THE BIKE, PLEASE REMOVE LOCKS AND ALL ACCESSORIES (lights, bags, and anything that can be removed without tools), this will prevent accidental loss.

Essential Bike Maintenance – Service is a service package that covers all components run through to make sure your bike is in tip-top shape. Most of the time during this service we discover things that need to be fixed to prevent future damage.

This service includes;

    1. Full bike frame wash and degrease
    2. Chain health check (ready to change?)
    3. The shifter and brake housing health check
    4. The shifter and brake cable health check
    5. The chain on the frame degrease (non-removable chains) or Chain ultrasonic degrease (for removable chains)
    6. Chain re-lube
    7. Chainrings, freewheel/cassette degrease
    8. Rear Derailleur cleaning (and re-greasing) and cage de-grease and re-lube
    9. Front Derailleur cleaning (and re-greasing)
    10. Wheel wash and clean.
    11. Disc brake cleaning (if applicable)
    12. Brake adjustments
    13. Gear tuning/adjustments
    14. Inflate tires to the recommended PSI bracket
    15. Frame polish application
  • Only 1 bike per appointment
  • Please drop the bike at 10:05 am, at the latest by 10:15 am on the day of service (or the PREVIOUS EVENING before closing) — EXAMPLE: IF your service is Sunday, drop the bike by Saturday before closing or Sunday before 10:15AM
  • PLEASE REMOVE LOCKS AND ALL ACCESSORIES (lights, bags, and anything that can be removed without tools) this will prevent accidental loss.
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