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Kellys Bikes & Accessories Exhibition

First of all, we would like to thank ALL our visitors for making the Von Kellys Product Exhibition a success. Thank you for complying with COVID-19 rules as established by the Ministry of Health of Oman.

On July 4th and 5th 2020, we held our very first exhibition of any product ever… we were excited that it was Von Kellys products. Bicycles, Accessories, Apparel and more. Our little showroom lit up with red, white and black OEM parts and accessories from Kellys and colourful bicycles, helmets and attires.

The first day (4th of July 2020) was jam packed… our appointment board/calendar was full from 10:10 AM until 8:55 PM (with a lunch break in between).

What amazed us was that people showed up on time (some ahead of time) and each patiently waited their turn to come into the showroom.


We had requested on the visit booking form that each visitor must wear a face mask and recommended gloves.

We were happy to see that ALL visitors complied.

To keep each of our visitors safe, we disinfected the bikes and anything that the previous customer touched. If necessary, we changed our mask and opened the door for the next customer AFTER disinfecting the door handles, inside and outside.

We had to measure heads a couple of times before showing the helmets…, we first disinfected the tape, with fresh gloves on, measured the customers head. Disposed of gloves and disinfected the tape again before storage.

Second day (5th of July 2020) was not as busy, but never the less there was a lot of activity!

We want to thank all of our visitors once again for your business. It was a successful event in every way possible

Of course, it would not be possible without the help of our Master Tech Vincent! And friends and supporters!

We thank our supplier Mr. Nikhil for his Generosity and making it possible for us to have product on time for the exhibition.

We also thank ALL our family members who sacrificed their time and put all efforts to help us make this a success. You are the best!

Best Regards
Cycle Omania
(a holding of Abu Elyas Al Kindy Trd.)

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