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About US – Cycle Omania

(Meaning Omani Cycle) is a name we chose with a definite goal in mind, that is to see the fruition of actually having bicycles either assembled or built in Oman. Whether we reach this goal first or someone does it is not of importance to us. There is something about believing in a cause and seeing it realized with or without your efforts.

Our Culture and Values

We hire people who reflect our values. This means that not everyone will be able to join our venture.

Our core values are based on focusing to help establish a strong biking desire to the people of Oman. There are plenty of bicycle shops. But most people find it difficult to locate a shop that offers dependable products and services at reasonable prices. So we focus on doing just that.

Every member of our team, regardless of his/her position, is not above doing work for any customer in the showroom. We all roll up our sleeves and do the work! For this reason, please excuse us for not wearing dishdashas/kandora – the Traditional Omani Men’s wear, as it would be soiled up very quickly… not a good sight to see.

Our shop culture is a combination of ;

  • Thorough knowledge of products we sell
  • Good understanding of componets of different bikes brought to us before we proceed to work on the bike
  • Spending free time learning more about different aspects of bicycles and bicycle services so we can offer more than anyone in the market
  • Deep desire to understand customer’s needs, desires and wants so we can help them make the right choice
  • Doing the work right the first time so that customer does not have to come back for the same work (unless it is items out of our control, like punctures etc)
  • Treating each customer in the showroom as the most important person we can meet that day.
  • Treating each customer in the showroom equal… young, old, men, women, Omani’s and Expatriate’s alike.
  • First come first served… no prejudices…
  • Priority based services will sometimes allow others to be provided services sooner. For example, a punctured tube change or pumping air on kid’s bike will be done ahead or in the middle of any work in progress!
  • Our charges are low and many times adjusted according to the job, so we can keep our customers coming back. For example if the bike is precleaned before bringing for Essential Maintenance Service, we deduct an ammount based on how much less the work is for us. And if the bike is dirtier than normal, we also add amount based on how much more the work is for us. This is to encourage rides to take basic minimal care of their bikes so that the bikes can last much longer.

Founder & CEO

Hamid Al Kindy is a busy person working in HR and hospitality sector for over 2 decades. He has seen the opportunity in the field of bicycles. He saw the need for a professional bicycle shop that would bring quality bikes to the community at affordable prices. He also saw the need for bicycle services and repairs but needed someone to fill the gap.

The operations

The day to day operations are carried out by Samir Al-Busaidy, who is a returnee to Oman. Samir left Oman in 1999 to work and live in the USA. He is now reunited with the whole big family back here in Oman. Samir brings over a decade of a wealth of knowledge and information in marketing and also passion in bicycles. Samir is knowledgeable and personally works with bikes just like any experienced technician. He spends most of his time in the shop connecting with customers to understand their needs so that he may be in a position to point them to the right direction before customers make decison what bike to buy. He also personally updates the website and places orders for all required items in the store.

Head Technician:

Roque Vincent Tamayo has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of bicycles and is an avid weekend mountain biker. We believe if he had his way and no job to handle, he would be out mountain biking 3 to 4 times a week. Roque is not scared to get his hands greasy and works fast and hard to make sure that every bike he touches is at it’s best by the time it leaves his hands.

Basically, we are not just employees, but rather passionate and enthusiastic bike lovers like you.

– Cycle Omania

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