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  • Bike Care

    KLS Kellys PREMIUM LUBE White Grease

    ر.ع.6.000 VAT

    KLS Kellys PREMIUM LUBE White Grease


    is a highly effective white grease with content of PTFE (Teflon) useful for the lubrication of slide and roll bearings, hubs, headsets, pedals, etc. The lubricant excels in its high resistance against water and provides long life for all bearings.
    Tube 100 gr

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    WOLF’s Bicycle Chain Lubricant 50ml

    ر.ع.1.000 VAT

    WOLF’s Bicycle Chain Lubricant 50ml

    Product Description:
    1.This product is made of advanced basis oil and processed by international advanced technology, so it features anti-rust, lubrication, dustproof and anti-leakage.
    2.It is non-sticky and effectively enhances the durability and corrosion resistance of bicycle-related parts. The product is uniformly applicable to daily necessities.
    3.It features anti-rust and lubrication. It is suitable for doors, locks, fans, tools, screws, etc.

    1. Capacity: about 50ML
    2. Size:5.12*1.18 inch
    3. Production date: look at the bottle
    4. Quality guarantee period: ten years
    5. Usage: bicycle maintenance
    6. Advantages: it also used for rust and lubrication of other raw materials

    *Manual measurement, please allow 1cm error.
    *The real colour of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.

    Package includes: 1 Pcs 50ml Bicycle maintenance / lubrication oil

  • Bike Care

    6054 Liqui Moly – Bike Brake and Chain Cleaner

    ر.ع.7.700 VAT

    6054 Liqui Moly – Bike Brake and Chain Cleaner


    The 6054 Liqui Moly – Bike Brake and Chain Cleaner with a specially selected combination of solvents. For the rapid and effective cleaning and degreasing chains and disk brakes on bicycles. Particularly effective on oily and greasy dirt.

    – removes oil and grease-based contaminants
    – leaves no residues
    – a high proportion of active components
    – optimum penetration capacity

    Content measure
    400 ml aerosol can

    Spray generously over the drive chain and catch the excess fluid. Leave to dry for 10 minutes. Then treat with chain oil (6051) or chain spray (6055). Spray generously over disk brake system and catch the excess fluid. Leave to dry for 10 minutes.

    Avoid contact with brakes!

  • Bike Care

    6056 Liqui Moly – Bike Tire (Puncture) Fix

    ر.ع.7.700 VAT

    6056 Liqui Moly – Bike Tire (Puncture) Fix

    The 6056 Liqui Moly – Bike Tire (Puncture) Fix is a special combination of active agents for (tire/tube) first aid in the event of punctured tires. Repairs flat tires without the need for removal. Not suitable for use on tubes that ripped or cut at the side, or if the tire has slipped off the rim.

    – subsequent tire repair possible
    – rapid remedy for punctures without dismantling
    – simple to use

    Content measure
    75 ml Can aerosol

    Areas of application
    For first aid for tire punctures on bicycle tires from 12 to 29 inches. For tubeless and standard bicycle tires. Can be used for all common bicycle valves (Schrader, Presta and Dunlop valves).

    Where possible, remove any causes of the puncture first (e.g. nails, screws). Then bring the wheel with the valve into the 12 o’clock position and deflate fully. Shake the can well, screw the screw connector onto the tire valve, hold the can vertical and use the entire can. Then remove the can and wipe off excess material. Finally, adjust the tire air pressure and take off immediately so that the foam can be distributed evenly. Depending on the size of the puncture, it may be necessary to pump more air after a few minutes. In most cases, a solid plug sealing the hole will have formed after 10 minutes.

    Do not forget to go to a workshop to have the tire professionally repaired.

  • Bike Care

    6057 Liqui Moly – Bike LM 40 Multi-Purpose Spray Lubrication

    ر.ع.5.500 VAT

    6057 Liqui Moly – Bike LM 40 Multi-Purpose Spray Lubrication

    6057 Liqui Moly – Bike LM 40 Multi-Purpose Spray contains a combination of active agents for universal use. Provides outstanding protection against corrosion, displaces water, dissolves rust and dirt and delivers excellent lubrication. Its outstanding penetrative capacity enables it to reach even the most confined spaces and reliably eliminate squealing noises. Does not react with plastics, paints or metals. Best of all, it is small and can be carried in your tool bag or top tube bag!

    Content measure
    50 ml Aerosol can

    Wash off coarse dirt with a water jet. Then spray cleaner onto the pre-dampened surface from a distance of approx. 30 cm and leave it to take effect for 2-3 minutes. Do not leave it for much longer than the recommended time. Rinse down the bicycle with fresh water and dry it off.

    Do not use under direct heat or on hot paint surfaces!

  • Bike Care

    6058 Liqui Moly – Bike Gloss Spray Wax

    ر.ع.8.900 VAT

    6058 Liqui Moly – Bike Gloss Spray Wax

    6058 Liqui Moly – Bike Gloss Spray Wax
    An outstanding product for quickly sprucing up the paintwork. Ideally seals paint surfaces against the weather. Also suitable for e-bikes.

    Cleans and preserves bicycles. Gives all paint and colour finishes a smooth surface with a brilliant shine and outstanding depth of colour after easily polishing. The protective layer left behind smooths out scratches and protects the paint from the weather. Light road grime and greasy contaminants can be removed quickly and easily without making scratches.

    Content measure
    400 ml Aerosol can

    Intended use

    For flat tire first aid on 21″ to 28” bike tires. For tubeless as well as standard bike tires.

    Surfaces which are heavily contaminated must be thoroughly cleaned with Bike Cleaner (part no. 6053) and dried before treatment. Then spray on a thin coat of Gloss Spray Wax, let dry and polish with a soft rag or microfiber cloth. Shake can before use.

    Do not use on matt finish

  • Bike Care

    Bicycle cleaner KLS BIKE POLISH Spray 200 ml

    ر.ع.4.300 VAT

    Bike polish “Matt and Shine” is cleaner / degreaser. By simply spraying on the agent is quickly removes grease, oil, dirt, and brake fluid. It is suitable for cleaning of aluminum and carbon bike frames in matt and shine finishing and degreasing chains before being lubricated by Chain Oil and also degreasing bearings, brake and clutch pads and other metal components.
    Application : 1. Spray from a distance of 10 – 20 cm. 2. Wipe off dissolved dirt. 3. Repeat if needed.
    200 ml spray

  • Bike Care


    ر.ع.4.000 VAT

    Bicycle washing agent KLS BIKE CLEANER refill 1000 ml

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