Lockdown 8th to 15th & Cycle Omania

Lockdown 8th to 15th & Cycle Omania

Dear Valued Customers,

We want to thank you first of all for supporting us all these years.

We fully understand the Government’s stance and purpose of lockdown. While we are not happy as it affects our business. We fully support it and wish that all our customers support this action too. Because nobody likes the taste of medicine, even though it is meant to get us well.

The Government is clear in that shops “which include us” and “private sector” which includes us, CAN operate. However it urged that we minimize number of workers at work place AND allowed online sales and delivery AND very clearly in no ambiguous terms said that “customers cannot/should not” be allowed into shops (ours included) to prevent gathering and transmitting of COVID-19. Which means we go back to last year when we were just allowed to start operating. Where products were brought out to customers directly OR via mandoob or any other transporter.

So in the next few days if you need anything from our store (all of which is listed on our website https://cycleomania.com), then contact us via our WhatsApp at the bottom of the page with your requirements. We will do our best to assist you by all legal means allowed. We are continuously preparing bicycles and products that customers want and getting them ready for pick up at the door.

If you have not communicated with us, please do not show up at the door expecting immediate service.

#1, we will not let you in, because it is illegal. So if you did not already look for an item on line, don’t expect us to open the door for you to come in to look at it physically.

#2., we may be working on other’s bike, so if you show up with yours, it may be a loooooong lonely wait.

But as long as you have communicated with us via WhatsApp and we have directed you to drop your bike at a certain time, we will fix it and have you on the way ASAP.

Our hours of operation during this lockdown are Saturday – Thursday (closed on Eid), from 11 am to 5 pm straight.

Again absolutely, no walk ins.

Thanks again

Be safe and have a great Eid ul Fitr ahead.

Yours Truly

Team Cycle Omania

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