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    Holographic Hazard Warning Triangle


    Holographic Hazard Warning Triangle

    Be Safe, Be Smart

    Ever been or seen a person on the side of the road fixing their wheel so they can get further to safety? No matter how much precautions you take, it still looks risky especially on a dimly lit road.

    Every year more than 7000 people get hit when placing the safety triangle
    on poorly lit roads.

    That’s why HOLO was created.

    The first laser road triangle, entirely invented in Italy.

    This is where the HOLO comes in. With the Patented Technology displaying/beaming a hazard triangle on the road as far as 30* meters away from your position. People get to see at least one if not more of your hazard signals that you want them to see.

    Range: Up to 100 feet
    Size (closed): 2,7 x 1,7 inches
    Size (open): 2,7 x 4,7 inches
    Weight: 5 oz
    Battery life: 5 hours

    We have brought this into the market at the lowest possible price to make it affordable to everyone.

    *Recommended 15 to 20 meters projection for the sharpest image.


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