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    6058 Liqui Moly – Bike Gloss Spray Wax


    6058 Liqui Moly – Bike Gloss Spray Wax

    6058 Liqui Moly – Bike Gloss Spray Wax
    An outstanding product for quickly sprucing up the paintwork. Ideally seals paint surfaces against the weather. Also suitable for e-bikes.

    Cleans and preserves bicycles. Gives all paint and colour finishes a smooth surface with a brilliant shine and outstanding depth of colour after easily polishing. The protective layer left behind smooths out scratches and protects the paint from the weather. Light road grime and greasy contaminants can be removed quickly and easily without making scratches.

    Content measure
    400 ml Aerosol can

    Intended use

    For flat tire first aid on 21″ to 28” bike tires. For tubeless as well as standard bike tires.

    Surfaces which are heavily contaminated must be thoroughly cleaned with Bike Cleaner (part no. 6053) and dried before treatment. Then spray on a thin coat of Gloss Spray Wax, let dry and polish with a soft rag or microfiber cloth. Shake can before use.

    Do not use on matt finish

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