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    USB Rechargeable AUTOMATIC Lights

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    USB Rechargeable AUTOMATIC Lights

    This is a wonderful light that replaces most rear bicycle lights. It is multifunctional. It includes automatic turn signals and needs no cables or switches to use the indicators. Simply tilt the bike slightly to the left or left at only (10°) and the signal will turn on to indicate your intention to turn right or left accordingly. Mash your brakes and the light flashes on and off 6 times to notify those behind you that you are about to stop or slow down significantly. You can even project an image of a bike behind you if you like.

    While riding the 64 LEDs display different images letting those behind you now that you are on the road and in motion… you stay visible all the time

    1. 80 Lumens Multi-function light with AUTOMATIC Right Turn, Left Turn & Stop Light!
    2. Tilt 10° to the right for automatic right turn signal
    3. Tilt 10° to the left for automatic left turn signal
    4. Use your brakes for significant speed decrease and the light flashes 6 times to let those behind you know you are slowing down or stopping.
    5. Brake lights can be used along with laser beam at night
    6. Regular driving mode displays multiple images to let those behind you know you are on the road and in motion… stay visible at all times.
    7. Micro USB chargeable 3.5 hours (+/- 3o mins) charge time.
    8. Ideal size, 1.18″ thick, 2.28″ wide and 2.80″ long.
    9. Waterproof
    1. One-piece (64 LEDs) light
    2. Micro USB Charging Cable
    3. Fastening band

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