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COVID-19 Store Closure Directive

COVID-19 Store Closure Directive

Good day to all of you!

First of all, please allow us to thank you deeply for your support so far, without your business, our business would not exist!

As you are aware, the government directives as of last evening are for all business (except 4 categories) to close until further notice. In compliance, we are closing our store starting today March 24th, 2020 until further notice.

The directives and closures are to help curb the spread of the Corona Virus which has taken the world by storm. We totally support this decision. Even though it may be detrimental to our “small” business.

We pray for the safety of your families, our employees, our families and the safety of Oman as a whole.

We hope that when we return you will continue to support us so that together we can enhance the sport of cycling.

In the meantime #stayhome, #staysafe, #stayhomesaveoman from COVID-19 by following ALL the rules in place. Please do not take it lightly. The longer it takes for EVERYONE to comply, the more small businesses are hurt and may have no chance of recovery.

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