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2020 Cyclist Information Dissipation Agenda

Good day!
We are excited to notify you that this year we have plans to publish many posts to help new cyclists and seasoned cyclists at the same time. This is our new 2020 Cyclist Information Dissipation Agenda.

Intended topics for discussion include but are not limited to the following;

  • What to consider before buying a bicycle in Oman
  • What bicycle to choose and how not to waste money
  • What can break or wear on your bicycle and how to prolong the life of components
  • What to do on the first 2 (few) rides
  • What tire pressure is good for “you” individually based on your use
  • How to avoid punctures and preventive measures to take if you are in a puncture prone area
  • How to avoid/prevent rust on your bike – a very common problem in Oman
  • How to wash your bike and not worry about damaging any parts in the long run
  • How to preserve your tires when you travel and leave your bike behind (including the 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off desert working guys)
  • Who should get rid of the sports bike saddle/seat and who should not
  • When to do maintenance and how to keep your maintenance cost low
  • How to do maintenance by your self
  • Things every rider should know to do by themselves

We will add to, or modify the above topics and may include topics that you suggest as a reader. But everything will be pertaining to riding in Oman. This is because the conditions here are very different even from our neighbouring country the UAE!

We plan to have video series too and welcome new and seasoned bikers to help in creating this content.