About Us

Cycle Omania

(Meaning Omani Cycle) is a name we chose with a definite goal in mind, that is to see the fruition of actually having bicycles either assembled or built in Oman. Whether we reach this goal first or someone does it is not of importance to us. There is something about believing in a cause and seeing it realized with or without your efforts.

Founder & CEO

Hamid Al Kindy is a busy person working in HR and hospitality sector for over 2 decades. He has seen the opportunity in the field of bicycles. He saw the need for a professional bicycle shop that would bring quality bikes to the community at affordable prices. He also saw the need for bicycle services and repairs but needed someone to fill the gap.

The operations

The day to day operations are carried out by Samir Al-Busaidy, who is a returnee to Oman. Samir left Oman in 1999 to work and live in the USA. He is now reunited with the whole big family back here in Oman. Samir brings over a decade of a wealth of knowledge and information in marketing and also passion in bicycles.

Head Technician:

Roque Vincent Tamayo has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of bicycles and is an avid weekend mountain biker. We believe if he had his way and no job to handle, he would be out mountain biking 3 to 4 times a week. Roque is not scared to get his hands greasy and works fast and hard to make sure that every bike he touches is at it’s best by the time it leaves his hands.

Basically, we are not just employees, but rather passionate and enthusiastic bike lovers like you.

– Cycle Omania