2019 Ramadhan and Eid Store Timings

Every year, Ramadhan and Eid are at different times in Solar calendar, however, around same time based on Lunar calendar. So customer’s questions are always the same… for some it is the first time they have to ask this question, and for some it is just a “norm” to ask the question

“What are your store timings in ramadan and on Eid holidays?”

For Cycle Omania, the store operation times are as follows;
Saturday to Thursday, 4:30 PM to 10:30 PM

On the occasion of Eid store timings are as follows;
The evening of Eid during Ramadhan – 4:30 MP to 6:30 PM
First & Second days of Eid – CLOSED

Children and Kids Safety Gear for the Season and Beyond

Children and Kids Safety Gear for the Season and Beyond

When it comes to kids and outdoor fun, bicycles are most likely the number 1!

But of course, as parents, we always want to make sure that our kids are protected, not because they are accident prone, but because in today’s world of electronic gadgets, drivers are more focused on their devices than the road. They may look up once in a while to see if there is a car coming from the opposite direction. Rarely do they even look to see what is coming from the left or the right if they are at crossroads. So equipping our kids with safety gear keeps them safe when “they” try to avoid cars!

At Cycle Omania, we strive to bring the very best when it comes to safety gear. Your kids can have fun in style too.

So what do you need for your child(ren’)s safety on the road?

Well, there are too many answers to this question. The answers will actually depend on several scenarios which are completely dependent on lifestyle and the location where you live or location where your child(ren) ride.

However here is a list of items in priority safety order from what we sell (some in stock, some can be ordered);

  1. Children’s/ Kid’s Safety Helmets:
    Slight head bumps from hitting a wall or bumping heads by accident are totally acceptable. But hitting the head on pavement can cause serious injury that may disable the kids mentally or even give them physical disabilities as a result. Today even major “manly sports” require that players wear helmets. So we have brought the best we can find for children right here at Cycle Omania.
    The website includes “most” of what is offered at our store and what can be brought (in case sold out), however, we receive new products on weekly basis, so the website may be a little behind.
  2. Children’s/Kid’s Safety Knee & Elbow Pads:
    While knee and elbow scratches were special memory body marks in the West, the new world is not any more concentrated on the scratches, but rather diseases that can be contracted through the scratches. As a result, parents all over the world are opting to get these safety gears just for that!
  3. Children’s/Kid’s Bike Gloves:
    Until last week, it was almost impossible to find gloves for children. However, we were able to bring a few for starters.

Cycle Omania tests out new online Service Appointment Booking Form

Cycle Omania tests out new online Service Appointment Booking Form

Due to the recent surge of bicycle servicing needs, we have been overwhelmed (as have other professional bicycle service locations) we are implementing a new online Service Appointment Booking Form.

This form will allow our customers to see what slots are available, and as such to bring their bikes for sure on time job completion and delivery. Therefore it will save them trips to the store unless needed.

This will also reduce stocking up the showroom with bikes that need to be serviced 1 week later thereby making it difficult for other customers to shop.

Of course, we do expect some glitches as we implement the form. Please bear with us until we can get everything smooth… the first glitch we have noticed is that the calendar offers service slot at 12:45 pm, for which we cannot get any job done… this is because the default calendar works without a lunch break. We will get that fixed soon. Another such glitch is offering service after 6:45 pm, again no full bike service can be performed in 1 hour. So we ask you to please ignore these two-time slots 🙂

Enjoy your biking

New Brands Coming Soon! Including Cannondale, GT and Ridley Bikes

New Brands Coming Soon! Including Cannondale, GT and Ridley Bikes

We are excited to announce that soon you will be able to order the most admired bikes in the world, right from our little showroom!

Most of you may already know that if you want the most trusted, longest lasting, most durable bike for your kids, the only choice is BMX/Mongoose which we have had available via our showroom for over a year and many have made orders and taken delivery of the great bikes.

We also offer other Pacific Bikes (maker of BMX) products such as the Schwinn Bikes which many have made orders of in the past.

The other brands we currently carry include JAVA Bikes, Upten Bikes, Tropix Bikes and Promade Bikes. These brands have kept our business running in full swing with many many happy customers.

But we are now expanding choices for our customers in Oman. This August we are bringing more brands, this includes;

  1. Cannondale Bicycles, handmade in the USA,

  2. GT Bicycles also from the USA and

  3. Ridley Bikes from Belgium.

Each brand is well and strongly established. While our neighbouring countries including the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia have enjoyed these brands for a while, Omani’s were left without them. Those who knew about these brands and wanted them were forced to drive to Dubai and when the time came for services, they had to make the 3 to 4 hour trip to Dubai.

But now, you will be able to bring any of the above brands (and others) to our store for service and repairs.

Since most of the bikes being very high-quality products start at a price of over OMR 200.000, the only way to get these bikes, for now, will be to place an order for the bike you want.

The order fulfillment can take as little as 3 days and as much as 4 weeks depending on availability locally or the need to import one fresh from originating countries.

Be on the lookout for the roll out date!

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to stay up to date.

Cycle Omania

More and more for our customers!

More and more for our customers!

The month of June is exciting! Of course, we are looking at the last 3rd of Ramadhan here in Oman. Many are sad that Ramadhan is ending. But we want to remind our customers that we have brought in quite a few cool stuff to our store for you in the last few days.

For the first time ever we have brought in and made available to you very high quality yet affordable gel saddles and bicycle sports seats.

We have brought Aluminium Phone Holders for your bicycle and also high-quality sports saddles.

To top it all, we are bringing REAL bicycle gloves, not motorcycle gloves or weight lifting gloves!

All these are available under our “Accessories” and “Apparel” sections respectively.

You can now view pricing in Omani Rials, and US Dollars as of today!

cycle-omania-currency-change-02 cycle-omania-currency-change-01

Ramadhan Timings – Ramadhan 2018

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Ramadhan Mubarak!

We want to assure you our customers and prospects that we will still be here to service your bikes and help you with your new bike purchase. If you want to place an order (as most people do) in order to get a bike that is a perfect fit for you, we will still be working in Ramadhan!

Our Ramadhan timings for Ramadhan 2018 in Muscat are as follows

Saturday to Thursday
4:30 PM to 10:30 PM

We will also close on the first day of Eid Ul Fitr

Our YouTube Video Channel is up and running

Our YouTube Video Channel is up and running

We are excited to announce that our video channel is now up and running. Of course, we need quite a few subscribers before we can get our own name. But for now, the link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCImwXjO6EOjeuW3F27QNFDA

Our first few videos talk about the website. The plan is to have more videos of benefit to all Muscat bike lovers. Such as DIY (do it yourself) videos which talk about service, regular maintenance, applying patches etc. What we also plan to do is inform our customer where they can get supplies for their maintenance and how much they should expect to pay.

In short, the videos are intended to make bicycle buyers and users in Oman, (specifically in Muscat and surrounding areas) get most out of their bicycles and enjoy riding their bikes.

If you need any services for your bikes, or if you have any questions or points that you would like us to cover, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please share with friends, family, and anyone you feel will benefit.

Kind regards,

Cycle Omania
Your Go-To Bicycle and Bicycle Needs Place

Find it under 6 seconds!

We are excited to inform you that as of April 5th, 9PM www.CycleOmania.com has a new look.


As a store that is in operation for under 8 months, we are doing our best to bring the very latest both in technology and bicycle gear to our customers.

The new website is designed for you our dear customers to be able to surf faster and find what you are looking for at our store much faster.

Now you can find store timings & click for directions right from our website. If using WhatsApp application, you can also just click on social icons to send direct WhatsApp message without typing in our contact number.

So, not only does www.cycleomania.com have a new look, but the new  website is still mobile friendly, more functional and about 300% faster than the previous website when viewed by mobile devices.

Google Results

Pages loads under 6 seconds. Tests done via Google Website Speed Tester (based on surfing using 3G networks) and also using GTMetrix, which is a more in-depth website speed analysis.

We hope this will help our customers find products faster and get their questions answered faster.

We also plan to post content (blog) more often so that customers can benefit in the biking activity which is taking over Oman in a very fast and frenzy way.

Products will be uploaded faster and this will help in generating electronic receipts.

Those who want to hold bikes or accessories, and those who want to pre-purchase any item on the website can do so.

Soon (if possible) we will work with the bank to make online purchase possible and secure.

– Cycle Omania

Rule #72, biking without helmet is violation fine of RO 10.000

Rule #72, biking without helmet is a traffic safety law violation with fine of RO 10.000

On March 1st, 2018 about 95 new & updated laws were announced. Some are past due, but we are happy to see them announced and as per some of our customers, some are being enacted already.

A week a go, one of our customers mentioned that he was stopped and given a warning for not wearing bicycle safety helmet while riding his bike. He was not aware of the rule, so he was given a warning.

For bikers in Oman, the main interest is rule number 72



Fee/fine (OMR)

Points added to license

  72   Driving a bicycle without wearing a helmet (driver and passenger) 10  0

Please click on this link (Oman New Traffic rules & fines 2018) to read the rest of the rules.

In order to help our customers, we have acquired and will continue to source high quality worth over RO 12.500, and make them available to our valued customers for around  RO 7.500. We know this leaves very little profit. But our focus is on making sure that our customers enjoy every part of their biking experience. If our customers are happy, in return we are happy.

What is the right size of bike for me?

What is the right size of bike for me?

This question may not have come up yet, but it is an important question and must be answered before you purchase your bike, or else you will most likely end up with a bike that you do not like, not because the bike is bad, but because it is not perfectly matched to you. It is similar to deciding on a good pair of jeans but buying the wrong size. In covering some terminologies below, we hope to either leave you confident in your search for a bicycle or totally confused that you need to visit a professional bike store so that you are well informed and you make a decision that you will be happy with for a long time. Gone are the days when bikes easy and cheap to buy. Today there are way too many choices and even a cheap bike ends up being an expensive bike if you find one you are not happy with and you have to buy another one. It is better to make the right choice first if possible. We hope this write up will help.

Take time to do some research on “bike fitting” and “bike sizing”. Most places do bike sizing, but most professionals require bike fitting!

Common terminologies;

Here are some common terminologies you will hear around town when you hop from one bicycle shop to another, or if you talk to a friend who has done so in Muscat or any other part of  Oman (I would imagine most parts of the world too).

  1. 26, 27.5, 29
    Most customers walk into our showroom and say I want a 29 bike. or I want a 26 bike. This is because they may have heard a bicycle salesman or their friends say this is size 26, or this is 29, etc. But what does that really mean?
    In 99% of cases, that is the size of the wheel… typically measured straight across from one point of the inner side of the rim right across to the other.
    Question then is, “why should the size matter?” or “does the size matter?”
    The answer is, it should, and it shouldn’t. Most people attribute the size of wheel to mean higher speed. That is in most cases true. However, if the crank on bike frame that holds 29″ wheel is half the size of the one on 27.5″, then 27.5″ wheel bike will be as fast or faster than the 29″ wheel bike. The bigger the crank, the harder the pedalling, the faster the bike! Rather than focusing on wheel size, one should first focus on bike size that fits them… this means that we need to look at the frame of the bicycle first, then the wheel size. If 29″ wheels are that important, you may have to take a smaller frame to fit your body size and maybe a size 2″ to 4″ smaller to accommodate the 29″ wheels.
    mountain-bike-frame-fittingLook at how this mountain bike fitting is done. Lifting the bike like this (photo above text), and allowing it to clear 2″ or so from the ground means that in case of abrupt stop, when the rider has to get off the seat and have their feet on the ground, he/she will not be hit in their vital parts by the frame. In this case, you can see clearly that even though the wheels are big, the frame is small, and sized for this rider. If the rider is 6.4 feet, then maybe they will require a bigger frame AND larger wheels.
  2. Frame Size;
    Most mountain bikes come in 2 to 3 frame sizes, while road bikes come in any number of sizes from 3 to 9 or more.
    Why the difference?
    In mountain biking, one is expected to spend more time on their feet and off and on, on the seat. While on road biking, one is expected to spend over 95% of the time on the seat. Seating position in road bikes and bike fitting is more important than what “brand” of bicycle one buys. IF the bike is not matching your body geometry, then you can kiss the race winning goodbye, in most cases, you will need to start looking for a doctor because injuries will be very common and in most cases, bad ones! It is THAT important. Of course not even including future physical problems. So it is very important that if you are buying a bike, the frame and intended wheels have to be of the size that will be right for you. In the case of road bikes, you may have to spend extra money on professional bike fitting.
    Adult bike frame sizing chartDo a google search on mountain bike frame size or road bike frame size and look at images to get an idea.
    In general, mountain bikes are measured in inches (“), while road bikes are measured in centimetres or millimetres. So instead of just Small, Medium, Large, XL, you may want to know the measurements!
    Most reading is from seat post to middle of the crank (inseam measurement of pants/legs)
  3. Crank, Derailleurs, Headset, Shifters etc.,!
    bike - bicycle parts
    This is a beautiful image (credit left intact… whycycle). It pretty much tells of all the bicycle part names that any bike user needs to know.  No need for any extra write-up. However, there are more bits and pieces that mechanics and a seasoned DIY biker know.

There is much more to be explored, discovered and explained, this write-up is simply to introduce the new biker, or wannabe biker to bicycle terminologies in hopes of helping them do better research and get a bike that they will be happy with in the long run.

Sam Al-Busaidy
Cycle Omania
February 3rd, 2018