How do I change my bicycle tire or tube?

How do I change my bicycle tire or tube?

This write up is during 2020 COVID-19,Corona Pandemic. As all our customers are unable to visit our stores for bicycle repairs and services in Muscat, Oman. We have decided to offer multiple videos and instructions on how to do basic services and repairs at home. Our videos are in English and Arabic (basic Arabic). We hope all will benefit.

Today we tackle replacing a bicycle tube at home. The video is replacement of “rear/back” bicycle tube of a Mountain Bike. But in our write up, we will include other information.

We chose to work with the rear/back wheel because, they are harder to remove and put back compared to the front wheels.

Tools and items needed: [note that most mountain bikes with disc brakes do not need the following tools… as seen in the video]

  • Bicycle Tire Levers (to open up or close some tires with strong beading).
  • 15mm wrench (for bicycles with traditional 15mm nuts on hub axle).
  • Screwdrivers: Phillips (+) and Flat Head (-) for children’s bikes with chain covers.
  • Sockets: 8/9/10mm for releasing brakes in some kid bikes (so that the wheel can be removed).
  • Allen wrench set: size needed varies or releasing brakes in newer bikes without disk brakes (so that the wheel can be removed).
  • Pair of gloves: recommended (even though I personally do not use them, unless the bike is dirty or the chain is too oily).

In today’s video, we will learn how to change a bicycle tube on a mountain bike. We chose the back tire because it is harder to work with back tire than the front tire. Also depending on your bike, you may need to use 15mm wrench to remove the hub spindle nut. Make sure, you replace everything you remove. For road bikes and BMX type bikes, you may need to disengage or undo the brakes first, before you can remove the wheel and the tire to change the tube.

في فيديو اليوم ، سنتعلم كيفية تغيير تيوب الدراجة وبالاخص على الدراجة الجبلية. لقد اخترنا الإطار الخلفي لأنه من الصعب التعامل مع الإطار الخلفي واكثر صعوبه من الإطار الأمامي. ويعتمد على نوع دراجتك أيضًا ، وقد تحتاج إلى استخدام مفتاح 15 مم لإزالة صمولة محور الدوران. وتأكد من استبدال كل شيء تقوم بفكه. أما بالنسبة لدراجات الطرق والدراجات من نوع BMX ، قد تحتاج إلى فك الفرامل أو التراجع عنها أولاً ، قبل أن تتمكن من فك العجلة والإطار لتغيير التيوب

What is my bicycles tire or tube size?

What is my bicycles tire or tube size?

This question is also a very common even among some advanced cyclists in Oman. In an attempt to address our cyclist community in Oman which comprises of both Omani’s and expatriates/immigrants. In the following videos, we discuss how to find the information about the tire or tube size you need for your bicycle, right from the tire. Our videos are in English and Arabic (basic Arabic). We hope all will benefit.

In this video, we would like to address our local community on how to determine what information is needed in order to buy a new tube or tire for their bicycle. There is more information that could be added, but we wanted to make a short video. We hope this video will help our local cyclists especially when they visit us at the store to purchase tubes or tires

في هذا الفيديو ، نود أن نخاطب مجتمعنا المحلي حول كيفية تحديد المعلومات المطلوبة لشراء تيوب جديد أو إطار لدراجتهم. هناك المزيد من المعلومات التي يمكن إضافتها ، لكننا أردنا عمل فيديو قصير. نأمل أن يساعد هذا الفيديو قائدي الدراجات، خاصةً عندما يزورونا في المتجر لشراء تيوبات أو إطارات.

The following information is directly derived from Michelin Tires / Bicycle Products website, Please click on this link >>> (Conversions Tables)<<< to see more information

Checkout Dimensional Conversions tables

Sizes are expressed differently according to the various standards or uses.

MTB and City tire sizes are given in inches. In this example: 26 x 1 1/8 x 1 1/2, the first number (26) is the overall tire diameter. The second number (1 1/8) is the height of the tire in inches and fractions of an inch. The third number (1 1/2) is the tire width in inches and fractions of an inch.

French sizes are used for Road tires. In this example: 650 x 32A, the first number (650) is the overall diameter of the tire in millimeters. The second number (32) is the tire width in millimeters. The letter A indicates that the rim is 590 mm.

ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organization) sizes are given for all tires. In this example: 32 x 590, the first number (32) is the tire width in millimeters. The second number (590) is the tire diameter in millimeters. This chart shows the conversions for all the sizes.

How much air should I put?

How much air should I put in my bike tires?

This question is very common even among some advanced cyclists in Oman. In an attempt to address our cyclist community in Oman which comprises of both Omani’s and expatriates/immigrants. We are making videos in English and Arabic (basic Arabic). We hope all will benefit.

In this video, make it very simple to find out how much air pressure to add to their tires based upon their weight, intended use and riding conditions. This video is intended for bikers in Muscat, Oman. We get asked by local Omani’s as well as expatriates/immigrants, very often as to how much air they should add to their tires. We hope this video helps everyone.

في هذا الفيديو ، اجعل من السهل جدًا معرفة مقدار ضغط الهواء الذي يجب إضافته إلى إطاراتها بناءً على وزنها والاستخدام المقصود وظروف الركوب. هذا الفيديو مخصص لراكبي الدراجات الهوائية في مسقط ، عمان. يسألنا العمانيون المحليون وكذلك الأجانب / المهاجرون ، في كثير من الأحيان عن مقدار الهواء الذي يجب أن يضيفوه إلى إطاراتهم. نأمل أن يساعد هذا الفيديو الجميع.

Identifying and distinguishing bicycle pedals

Identifying and distinguishing bicycle pedals can be a challenge some times.

In an attempt to address our cyclist community in Oman which comprises of both Omani’s and expatriates/immigrants. We are making videos in English and Arabic (basic Arabic). We hope all will benefit.

In this video, we explain in very simple language how to identify left and right pedals of different types, how to install bicycle pedals and which way to turn the pedal in order to tighten it (opposite would be to loosen it)

من خلال هذا الفيديو نشرح بكل بساطة طريقة تحديد الدواسة اليمنى من اليسرى لمختلف أنواع الدرجات الهوائية أهمية معرفة ذلك تكمن في تجنب اتلاف الدواسة والمحافظة على سلامة قائد الدراجة الهوائية

Riding into the future after COVID-19

Riding into the future after COVID-19

At #cycleomania we know that our future success is based on #overcomingobstacles that are pressing upon us now. Our store has been closed for almost 3 weeks now. However, we have been #workingsmart and #workinghard from home.

When #covid19 is behind us and we open again, we are delighted to announce that our website will be 100% #ecommerce functional. Every single product we sell will be online with full description (as before) and stock information. Customers in #oman can order online and expect delivery to their preferred location. In addition to this, we expect to be able to move to a bigger location which will allow us to operate our #sales and #service departments independently. Not only that, but we also are targeting to set up a #bikefitting room for professionals. The #bikefittingroom will also serve as a 360 image capture room for bicycles so that our customers can see bikes in 360 degrees.

We aim to be the most advanced bicycle shop in the whole of the Middle East providing most services at affordable prices so that #omanis and residents of Oman can enjoy #cycling. Welcome to the future of business and #customerservice. Cheers. (Image not mine, but from #slideshare depicting future customer service)

COVID-19 Store Closure Directive

COVID-19 Store Closure Directive

Good day to all of you!

First of all, please allow us to thank you deeply for your support so far, without your business, our business would not exist!

As you are aware, the government directives as of last evening are for all business (except 4 categories) to close until further notice. In compliance, we are closing our store starting today March 24th, 2020 until further notice.

The directives and closures are to help curb the spread of the Corona Virus which has taken the world by storm. We totally support this decision. Even though it may be detrimental to our “small” business.

We pray for the safety of your families, our employees, our families and the safety of Oman as a whole.

We hope that when we return you will continue to support us so that together we can enhance the sport of cycling.

In the meantime #stayhome, #staysafe, #stayhomesaveoman from COVID-19 by following ALL the rules in place. Please do not take it lightly. The longer it takes for EVERYONE to comply, the more small businesses are hurt and may have no chance of recovery.

2020 Cyclist Information Dissipation Agenda

Good day!
We are excited to notify you that this year we have plans to publish many posts to help new cyclists and seasoned cyclists at the same time. This is our new 2020 Cyclist Information Dissipation Agenda.

Intended topics for discussion include but are not limited to the following;

  • What to consider before buying a bicycle in Oman
  • What bicycle to choose and how not to waste money
  • What can break or wear on your bicycle and how to prolong the life of components
  • What to do on the first 2 (few) rides
  • What tire pressure is good for “you” individually based on your use
  • How to avoid punctures and preventive measures to take if you are in a puncture prone area
  • How to avoid/prevent rust on your bike – a very common problem in Oman
  • How to wash your bike and not worry about damaging any parts in the long run
  • How to preserve your tires when you travel and leave your bike behind (including the 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off desert working guys)
  • Who should get rid of the sports bike saddle/seat and who should not
  • When to do maintenance and how to keep your maintenance cost low
  • How to do maintenance by your self
  • Things every rider should know to do by themselves

We will add to, or modify the above topics and may include topics that you suggest as a reader. But everything will be pertaining to riding in Oman. This is because the conditions here are very different even from our neighbouring country the UAE!

We plan to have video series too and welcome new and seasoned bikers to help in creating this content.

Mourning the great loss of our beloved Sultan Qaboos bin Said

Last night – Friday the 9th of January we lost our father His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. We pray that he is admitted to the highest heaven.
He spent his entire life making Oman what it is today. The most admired country in the Middle East and the world. He worked tirelessly for peace and as a peacekeeper for the gulf region and around the world.

Every person living in Oman loved him, be it, natural citizens, naturalized citizens or expatriates/immigrants.

We will always love you, cherish you and remember you in our prayers with fondest memories

Mourning his loss we will remain closed from today “Saturday the 10th” until Wednesday the 14th of January.

2019 Ramadhan and Eid Store Timings

Every year, Ramadhan and Eid are at different times in Solar calendar, however, around same time based on Lunar calendar. So customer’s questions are always the same… for some it is the first time they have to ask this question, and for some it is just a “norm” to ask the question

“What are your store timings in ramadan and on Eid holidays?”

For Cycle Omania, the store operation times are as follows;
Saturday to Thursday, 4:30 PM to 10:30 PM

On the occasion of Eid store timings are as follows;
The evening of Eid during Ramadhan – 4:30 MP to 6:30 PM
First & Second days of Eid – CLOSED

Children and Kids Safety Gear for the Season and Beyond

Children and Kids Safety Gear for the Season and Beyond

When it comes to kids and outdoor fun, bicycles are most likely the number 1!

But of course, as parents, we always want to make sure that our kids are protected, not because they are accident prone, but because in today’s world of electronic gadgets, drivers are more focused on their devices than the road. They may look up once in a while to see if there is a car coming from the opposite direction. Rarely do they even look to see what is coming from the left or the right if they are at crossroads. So equipping our kids with safety gear keeps them safe when “they” try to avoid cars!

At Cycle Omania, we strive to bring the very best when it comes to safety gear. Your kids can have fun in style too.

So what do you need for your child(ren’)s safety on the road?

Well, there are too many answers to this question. The answers will actually depend on several scenarios which are completely dependent on lifestyle and the location where you live or location where your child(ren) ride.

However here is a list of items in priority safety order from what we sell (some in stock, some can be ordered);

  1. Children’s/ Kid’s Safety Helmets:
    Slight head bumps from hitting a wall or bumping heads by accident are totally acceptable. But hitting the head on pavement can cause serious injury that may disable the kids mentally or even give them physical disabilities as a result. Today even major “manly sports” require that players wear helmets. So we have brought the best we can find for children right here at Cycle Omania.
    The website includes “most” of what is offered at our store and what can be brought (in case sold out), however, we receive new products on weekly basis, so the website may be a little behind.
  2. Children’s/Kid’s Safety Knee & Elbow Pads:
    While knee and elbow scratches were special memory body marks in the West, the new world is not any more concentrated on the scratches, but rather diseases that can be contracted through the scratches. As a result, parents all over the world are opting to get these safety gears just for that!
  3. Children’s/Kid’s Bike Gloves:
    Until last week, it was almost impossible to find gloves for children. However, we were able to bring a few for starters.