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    KYOWA Butyl Bicycle Inner Tube 16″ x 1.75/2.125 (Schrader Valve)


    KYOWA Butyl Bicycle Inner Tube 16″ x 1.75/2.125 (Schrader Valve)

    16″ butyl rubber inner bicycle tubes.

    Current stock is 16″x1.75/2.125 with 48MM A/V (Schrader Valves /American Valves / Car Valves). These tubes easily fit in tires marked 16″ x 1.75, 16″ x 1.95 and up to 16″ x 2.125 because the tube will expand accordingly to fit the different mentioned widths. In the case of smaller widths like 1.75, 1.95, it means that the tube will not be overstretched and may mean much smaller thorns (that some times penetrate through the tire) may cause fewer problems.

    But if used in 16″ x2.35 or 16″ x3.0, the tube expands a little more and therefore is a little more prone to punctures due to much smaller thorns which can penetrate through the tire.

    Please Note: The pricing is per tube

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