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Rule #72, biking without helmet is violation fine of RO 10.000

Rule #72, biking without helmet is a traffic safety law violation with fine of RO 10.000

On March 1st, 2018 about 95 new & updated laws were announced. Some are past due, but we are happy to see them announced and as per some of our customers, some are being enacted already.

A week a go, one of our customers mentioned that he was stopped and given a warning for not wearing bicycle safety helmet while riding his bike. He was not aware of the rule, so he was given a warning.

For bikers in Oman, the main interest is rule number 72



Fee/fine (OMR)

Points added to license

  72  Driving a bicycle without wearing a helmet (driver and passenger)10 0

Please click on this link (Oman New Traffic rules & fines 2018) to read the rest of the rules.

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