Children and Kids Safety Gear for the Season and Beyond

Children and Kids Safety Gear for the Season and Beyond

When it comes to kids and outdoor fun, bicycles are most likely the number 1!

But of course, as parents, we always want to make sure that our kids are protected, not because they are accident prone, but because in today’s world of electronic gadgets, drivers are more focused on their devices than the road. They may look up once in a while to see if there is a car coming from the opposite direction. Rarely do they even look to see what is coming from the left or the right if they are at crossroads. So equipping our kids with safety gear keeps them safe when “they” try to avoid cars!

At Cycle Omania, we strive to bring the very best when it comes to safety gear. Your kids can have fun in style too.

So what do you need for your child(ren’)s safety on the road?

Well, there are too many answers to this question. The answers will actually depend on several scenarios which are completely dependent on lifestyle and the location where you live or location where your child(ren) ride.

However here is a list of items in priority safety order from what we sell (some in stock, some can be ordered);

  1. Children’s/ Kid’s Safety Helmets:
    Slight head bumps from hitting a wall or bumping heads by accident are totally acceptable. But hitting the head on pavement can cause serious injury that may disable the kids mentally or even give them physical disabilities as a result. Today even major “manly sports” require that players wear helmets. So we have brought the best we can find for children right here at Cycle Omania.
    The website includes “most” of what is offered at our store and what can be brought (in case sold out), however, we receive new products on weekly basis, so the website may be a little behind.
  2. Children’s/Kid’s Safety Knee & Elbow Pads:
    While knee and elbow scratches were special memory body marks in the West, the new world is not any more concentrated on the scratches, but rather diseases that can be contracted through the scratches. As a result, parents all over the world are opting to get these safety gears just for that!
  3. Children’s/Kid’s Bike Gloves:
    Until last week, it was almost impossible to find gloves for children. However, we were able to bring a few for starters.

Rule #72, biking without helmet is violation fine of RO 10.000

Rule #72, biking without helmet is a traffic safety law violation with fine of RO 10.000

On March 1st, 2018 about 95 new & updated laws were announced. Some are past due, but we are happy to see them announced and as per some of our customers, some are being enacted already.

A week a go, one of our customers mentioned that he was stopped and given a warning for not wearing bicycle safety helmet while riding his bike. He was not aware of the rule, so he was given a warning.

For bikers in Oman, the main interest is rule number 72



Fee/fine (OMR)

Points added to license

  72   Driving a bicycle without wearing a helmet (driver and passenger) 10  0

Please click on this link (Oman New Traffic rules & fines 2018) to read the rest of the rules.

In order to help our customers, we have acquired and will continue to source high quality worth over RO 12.500, and make them available to our valued customers for around  RO 7.500. We know this leaves very little profit. But our focus is on making sure that our customers enjoy every part of their biking experience. If our customers are happy, in return we are happy.