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New Brands Coming Soon! Including Cannondale, GT and Ridley Bikes

New Brands Coming Soon! Including Cannondale, GT and Ridley Bikes

We are excited to announce that soon you will be able to order the most admired bikes in the world, right from our little showroom!

Most of you may already know that if you want the most trusted, longest lasting, most durable bike for your kids, the only choice is BMX/Mongoose which we have had available via our showroom for over a year and many have made orders and taken delivery of the great bikes.

We also offer other Pacific Bikes (maker of BMX) products such as the Schwinn Bikes which many have made orders of in the past.

The other brands we currently carry include JAVA Bikes, Upten Bikes, Tropix Bikes and Promade Bikes. These brands have kept our business running in full swing with many many happy customers.

But we are now expanding choices for our customers in Oman. This August we are bringing more brands, this includes;

  1. Cannondale Bicycles, handmade in the USA,

  2. GT Bicycles also from the USA and

  3. Ridley Bikes from Belgium.

Each brand is well and strongly established. While our neighbouring countries including the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia have enjoyed these brands for a while, Omani’s were left without them. Those who knew about these brands and wanted them were forced to drive to Dubai and when the time came for services, they had to make the 3 to 4 hour trip to Dubai.

But now, you will be able to bring any of the above brands (and others) to our store for service and repairs.

Since most of the bikes being very high-quality products start at a price of over OMR 200.000, the only way to get these bikes, for now, will be to place an order for the bike you want.

The order fulfillment can take as little as 3 days and as much as 4 weeks depending on availability locally or the need to import one fresh from originating countries.

Be on the lookout for the roll out date!

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