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More and more for our customers!

More and more for our customers!

The month of June is exciting! Of course, we are looking at the last 3rd of Ramadhan here in Oman. Many are sad that Ramadhan is ending. But we want to remind our customers that we have brought in quite a few cool stuff to our store for you in the last few days.

For the first time ever we have brought in and made available to you very high quality yet affordable gel saddles and bicycle sports seats.

We have brought Aluminium Phone Holders for your bicycle and also high-quality sports saddles.

To top it all, we are bringing REAL bicycle gloves, not motorcycle gloves or weight lifting gloves!

All these are available under our “Accessories” and “Apparel” sections respectively.

You can now view pricing in Omani Rials, and US Dollars as of today!

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