Hyper Bike Spinner PRO Model BMX 20″

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Hyper Bike Spinner PRO Model BMX 20″


To appreciate HYPER BIKE Spinner Pro Model BMX, you first have to know what a BMX bike is!

BMX is a very specific body style of bicycle. This style was first introduced by Pacific Bikes, via their brand called Mongoose. So for most purposes, Mongoose BMX was the first known BMX. To date, they produce the very best BMX bicycles in the world.

However over a period of time, many manufacturers have also joined the bandwagon and copied the design, some with attempts to make it better, some with attempts to make it more affordable. To the point that today you can go to Amazon dot com and find some other manufacturers BMX are more expensive than Mongoose BMX bikes!

To my knowledge and awareness, having sold the original Mongoose BMX and about 3 other copies, I can say with all honesty that with the exception of Mongoose BMX produced by Pacific Bikes, this has to be the very best version of BMX ever sold in Oman.

CycleOmania is the sole distributor of this BMX – HYPER BIKE Spinner Pro Model BMX.

Product details

Ride in style with the Hyper Bicycles 20″ boys spinner BMX bike. This BMX bike features a heavy-duty steel frame that lets users ride harder for longer. The spinner includes both front calliper and u-brakes for a smooth ride on any surface and front and rear hand breaks for convenience and safety. With sturdy 48-spoked rims and front and rear pegs, this BMX bike has all the right accessories. Designed with your comfort in mind, it features a deluxe padded seat, gripped handlebars, and standard pedals. The bike can be ridden on a variety of surfaces, allowing for flexibility in where you go with it. Perfect for experimenting with tricks or weekend rides, the hyper-spinner BMX bike will help make your rides more enjoyable.

Practice tricks or ride to meet up with friends. This bike is perfect for riding at the park, street, or on a dirt path.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Full 360-degree handlebar rotation
  • Front calliper and rear linear-pull brakes
  • Front and rear pegs
  • 48 spoke steel rims
  • Multi-surface tires
  • Speed: Single
  • Front calliper and rear u-brakes
  • Wheels: 48 spoked
  • Rider Height: 4’2″ – 5’0″
  • Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs


Brand: Hyper Bicycles

Model: Spinner Pro

Model Number: WMA-132004

Colours: Red, Black, Blue

Manufacturer Part Number: HYP-T20-1100

Manufacturer: Hyper Bicycles

Country of Origin: United States of America

Country of Manufacture: China

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 56.30 x 27.16 x 37.79 Inches

Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 115 × 21 × 63 cm

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